My Story

My Story

Being active has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.I grew up playing sports and loved everything I’ve done. When I started college, I wasn’t super active. I partied all the time and was definitely skinny fat.

Not meaning that I was fat, but I was more fat than muscle compared to the photo above. My second semester everything changed, I stepped foot in my University’s gym and fell in love with lifting weights.

One day when I was working legs, I started having serious knee pain, to where I could barely walk. I went to the doctor got x-rays and an MRI. My lateral patellar ligament a short, it pulls my knee cap laterally causing the interstellar fat bad underneath to become badly inflamed. We tried so many things just so we could avoid surgery. I had to take 4 months off from the gym, or at least legs till I learned if I start over on my legs, start with low weight and focus on my form, and strengthening the muscles around my knee and know when too far is too far.

I still have knee pain to this day, but it isn’t as severe and I’ve learned to live with it. Leading what exercises I can do, and what isn’t the best for my knee.


Becoming the best coach I can..

I began studying and learning as much as I could about health and wellness. I knew I wanted to build a business helping men and women live their best lives. I am incredibly grateful to have helped hundreds of individuals become a happier/healthier version of themselves!